The irony of ‘special edition' supercars is that you end up with a car less special, statistically at least, than if you'd specced it yourself.
To wit: simply sticking to visual options - wheels, paint, leather, - there are some 31 billion possible combinations (we've done the maths) should you choose to configure your DBS to the last detail. Many do, some with disastrous consequences. For better or worse, you can be fairly sure your magma red DBS with cream-on-purple seats is unique.
The DBS Carbon Black is not unique. It is, however, rather stunning. Maybe it's a ploy by Aston Martin to save taste-challenged DBS owners from themselves.
Though mechanically identical to the, ahem, normal DBS, the Carbon Black gets an enormous amount of very shiny black stuff as standard: a bespoke black paint job with a ‘metallic twist', black gloss wheels, a black-on-black-on-black interior, and side strakes rendered in carbon fibre.
The effect is magnificently sinister. If you find the DBS over-jewelled, with too many bells and whistles ruining the elegance of the DB9's original lines, step this way. It looks like a stealth jet, although this quality is impeded somewhat by the cortex-shattering V12 soundtrack.
Don't trust yourself to do a decent job of speccing your DBS? The Carbon Black provides a vital service. But be prepared for the day you pass an identical DBS on the street. Oh, the shame!