Chevrolet has drawn on the past for its most futuristic car ever, with the all-new Corvette Stingray named after the iconic 1963 original.

The seventh version of the best-selling American sports car was formally unveiled at a glitzy event in Detroit prior to this year’s Detroit Motor Show.

In standard trim, the Stingray gets a 444bhp 6.2-litre V8 delivering 610 Nm of torque, and does 0-60mph in under four seconds.

For the more-is-better file, the C7 brings a novel entry: a 7-speed Tremec manual transmission. Yes, the shift pattern may resemble a Pac-Man maze, but when the driver finds a gear, it may induce delusions of grandeur, thanks to Active Rev Matching – an electronic flattery system that blips the throttle on downshifts to make a driver look, or at least sound, like Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel at the Singapore Grand Prix. Or you can choose a 6-speed automatic (sigh).
Underneath, an aluminium frame similar to the one seen on the outgoing Z06 and ZR1 high-performance models is 57% stiffer than the old car’s steel frame and weighs 99 pounds less.

Carbon fibre in the hood, roof and underbody panels, along with lighter-density sheet-molded compound – SMC is engineer-speak for “plastic” – trims 37 pounds in body weight.

Chevy also adds that the 2014 Corvette will be in showrooms “in the third quarter”, at a price to be announced closer to its sale date. Surely the convertible and high-performance editions will follow shortly thereafter.