Here’s another car to be unveiled at next week’s Beijing Motor Show, and another one that is going to become reality. Mercedes is calling this the CSC or ‘Concept Style Coupe’,  but you should call it CLA as that’s what it will likely be badged when you see it in your local showroom next year, or early the year after.

A little longer than a current C-class and a lot more sexy, this is the third variant on the new A-class (the first being the new B-class, which of course was launched before the A in Mercedes’ slightly dyslexic new model programme). All three cars share what Benz calls the ‘MFA’ structure for ‘medium front-drive architecture.

The CSC will roll onto the stage in China powered by a 208-horsepower, 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder that also sees duty in the new
A-Class hatchback. Like the A-Class five-door that debuted in Geneva, the CSC is expected to ride atop Mercedes' new MFA platform.

We're also expecting Mercedes to unveil a related concept in North America very shortly at the Transmission LA: AV Club music and media festival that begins in LA on April 20, so keep your eyes peeled for that vehicle as well.