After teasing for many years, Toyota’s finally given us the production version of its long-awaited GT 86…
Toyota's finally given us some pictures of the GT 86 - its jazzy new coupe that'll debut at this week's Tokyo Motor. And how long have we been waiting? Since 2009. 2009.

And what's with the new name? Firstly, and for no obvious reason, Toyota's ditched the F and hyphen. Secondly, they've added RULES. Europeans get the GT 86, in Japan it'll be the 86  and America gets the Scion FR-S.

Power for the GT 86 sits at 197bhp (at 7,000rpm) and 151lb ft of torque, which, Toyota claims, gives it "brisk, engaging performance", while the weight-distribution is near perfect at 53:47 front-to-rear.
Underneath, both the GT 86 and BRZ have limited-slip differentials and independent suspension all round, though the GT 86 is a little more drift-boy focused - its stability control allows some tail-wagging before it tells you off.